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Innovative insert clamping provides higher productivity

A key feature of Dormer Pramet’s Multiside range is its patented SideLok clamping system.

An extremely efficient and secure way of holding inserts, SideLok provides a high level of stability, especially in five-axis machining of complex surfaces.

SideLok also allows for a smaller teeth pitch, which means more teeth on specific cutter diameters, resulting in increased metal removal rates, even in difficult to machine materials.

Stéphane Geay

Any end user machining titanium or nickel alloys understands that more teeth offer higher feed per revolution, increasing productivity and a more efficient process.

Also, the design of SideLok means there is no need to accommodate a central fixing. This makes the insert much stronger, while the seating position means more of the geometry is engaged.

Another benefit is that there is no need to remove screws from the body when indexing the inserts, speeding up the indexing process.

For more information about our Multiside range, click here.

Stéphane Geay

Regional sales manager

Dormer Pramet France

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