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HSS substrates are anything but outdated

Dormer Shark Line taps

High Speed Steel (HSS) may be an established cutting tool material, but it does not mean it has not been subject to constant development and improvements since it was first used back in the late 19th Century.

Dormer Pramet’s range of HSS substrates, for example, is anything but outdated. We have invested in powder technology to develop a material that provides better results.

HSS-E with powder metallurgy offers a higher content of alloy elements and a combination of unique properties to improve toughness, wear resistance and hardness. Using HSS-E-PM prolongs tool life, makes it more predictable, improves feed and speed performance, as well as helps reduce chipping problems.

Ricky Payling

The most recent application of this powdered metallurgy technology is in Dormer’s Shark Line taps (pictured). They are manufactured from a HSS-E-PM substrate, specifically developed for taps to give the additional toughness required, consistently stable properties and superior grind-ability compared to conventional high-speed steels. These improved characteristics mean the taps have a more predictable and assured life.

Also, HSS-E and HSS-E-PM are excellent substrates for a variety of coatings, such as Titanium Nitride (TiN), Titanium Aluminum Nitride (TiAlN), Titanium Carbon-Nitride (TiCN), as well as multilayer coatings.

Coatings considerably improve tool life and further boost the performance of HSS tools in environments where productivity and speed and feed rates are high, as well as in dry operations and for machining of difficult materials.

They offer increased surface hardness for higher wear resistance, reduced friction for better chip creation, reduce cutting forces and less heat generation, crater wear resistance and improved surface quality of finished parts.

TiAlN-coated HSS-E cutting tools, for example, are highly suited to dry machining of cast iron as this helps resist high temperatures, while TiAlN coated HSS-E-PM tools are suitable for the machining of titanium and nickel alloys.

Ricky Payling

Product strategy manager for round tools

Dormer Pramet

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