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Dormer chip symbol is 100 years in the making

New Dormer logo

The Dormer brand has been closely connected with the manufacture of high quality metal cutting tools since its founding company, The Sheffield Twist Drill, was established in the UK in 1913.

The Dormer Dovecote

Following its foundation, the business developed rapidly and a trademark became essential. In 1917 a Dutch agent suggested a windmill with a Dormer window, a play on the name of the then joint managing director Mr. H.A Dormer.

The Dormer Dovecote become the registered company trademark and remained a recognizable stamp of quality for many decades to follow.

John Rushbrooke

Fast forward 100 years and the Dormer brand is still in existence and remains a highly respected name within the cutting tools industry. It is now a product brand within Dormer Pramet, representing our round tools assortment for drilling, milling and threading applications.

In 2017, we announced a new logo for the Dormer brand to bring it in line with our company’s global identity, create a closer connection with our Pramet indexable brand and further promote our now widely used ‘chip symbol’.

Indeed, the introduction of a chip symbol to the Dormer logo is a significant step. Our chip is a clear and consistent signal of professionalism and quality, which is why we use it within all our company branding to symbolise our promise to be Simply Reliable.

This is the same philosophy behind the original Dormer Dovecote trademark more than 100 years earlier! It’s how our past helps shape our future.

John Rushbrooke

Branding strategy manager

Dormer Pramet

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