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Latest products continue aim to raise the standard

At the end of 2017, we announced a new range of threading and milling tools which support our focus on product versatility and ease of use for key industry segments.

I was part of the Dormer Pramet team which helped launch the new assortments into the market, raising the standard of our offer to customers.

Mold & die

We have added a new high feed family for productive machining of multiple materials. This includes the new double-negative SBN10 cutter, supported with a range of BNGX10 inserts for high feed roughing and ANHX10 inserts for finishing operations in shoulder and face milling.

In addition, we have expanded our SRC and SRD families for copy milling. This features a new range of double negative SRC10 small diameter cutters and an assortment of RCMT10 inserts.

Our new high feed family of tools and copy milling assortments give us a very strong package for the mold & die segment. The challenge for production managers is to create conditions for high speed, hard milling of complex moulds and dies, producing superior surface finishes in a cost-effective and competitive way.

HSS tapping

Meanwhile, our Shark Line taps now support deeper threads up to 3xD in blind hole operations. We have added a yellow ring tap for structural, carbon and low alloy steels (E412) and blue ring for stainless steels (E414), which feature improved geometry to facilitate smooth and fast chip evacuation to achieve greater depths.

Martin Tyml

Our Shark range of material specific taps offer a quality, comprehensive program for most applications in all major industry segments, creating threads that offer both dynamic strength and high dimensional accuracy.

Indexable Milling Grade

Our 8230 grade has been one of the most common and popular in recent years. However, it is now time to introduce a versatile third generation for improved performance when milling in steel and cast iron.

The M8330 will now become the go to milling grade for roughing to finishing applications, even in unfavorable conditions. This latest grade will allow us to maintain high levels of performance, especially in our new assortments added in recent years.

M8330 increases productivity by running with higher cutting speeds compared to M8340 and more durability compared to 8230.

More information and support material on all our latest products can now be found here on our website.

Martin Tyml

Product launch projects coordinator

Dormer Pramet

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