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Geared towards an improved experience

Inside Experience Center

Our new Experience Center is a purpose-built facility that was officially opened in September during Cutting Days, an international trade fair organized by Dormer Pramet (link to Jana’s blog).

So, what is it and why have we called it the Experience Center?

Located at our indexable production unit in Šumperk, Czech Republic, the Experience Center is where we create new ideas, new technologies, new products and grow our customers’ knowledge. Everything is geared towards a better and improved experience.

The first discussion regarding a new facility was at the end of 2014. Several planning meetings later and we had identified the main requirements for its development.

This included having a separate test room and demonstrations area, equipment for R&D all in one place and a customer area away from the production unit for improved safety and comfort.

XP Center

To support the creation of the Experience Center, or XP Center for short, we received assistance from the European Union Regional Development Fund and this went towards the creation of the building, machines and equipment.

We started construction in April 2016. (Watch a short slideshow of the entire building process). The design of new the building meets with our Simply Reliable philosophy by offering practicality and simplicity. It’s shape even resembles a turning holder and insert!

Three main departments are located at the Experience Center - technology and grade development, testing and education. Our technology development, for example, aims to better understand the production process through the implementation of new technologies. It will collaborate with engineers on projects for rationalization, cost saving and improvement of product and quality.

We have invested in new analytic equipment for use in production technology and grade development. The center includes a measurement and analysis laboratory, featuring a scanning electron microscope, 3D scanner, electromechanical testing device and X-ray diffraction instrument.

Vladimir Maixner

This investment in the XP Center is not only for future development, but also for building relationships and trust with our customers. There are six machines available for testing and another two for demonstrations and training. This is an increase in our capacity, but also means we can replicate a variety of possible production environments.

One of the biggest purposes of the Experience Center is as an education and training facility. Here customers can meet our technicians, discuss their machining problems and work together to find a solution for their needs.

Also, we can educate both our own employees and customers about new products and increase their knowledge on how to use them to get the best results.

This month, for example, our XP Center staged important events, such as Train the Trainer on our latest product launch, a visit of 50 customers from Russia and a global internal meeting on customer services.

For more information about the Experience Center, click here or contact your local Dormer Pramet sales office.

Vladimir Maixner

Technology & Process Development Manager

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