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Force X drill design offers high level of performance

Force X R453 drill

You may have read recently about our new range of Force X range of multi-material solid carbide drills.

The assortment is an upgrade of our previous MP-X program and in this blog I wanted to outline the main features and benefits of this new range. The design of the Force X drills offers a high level of performance through positional accuracy, high feed rates and low cost machining.

All now Force X drills include Continuously Thinned Web (CTW) flute construction. This technology is unique to Dormer Pramet and cannot be found in any other drills from a cutting tool manufacturer.

CTW provides a very strong web design, helping to reduce the forces when drilling with high feeds, ensuring good swarf control and improved process security. As an additional feature the CTW allows for easy re-grinding, maintaining the original cutting geometry and high performance even after multiple regrinds, increasing the tool life of the drill.

A well-known and often used geometry is the four-facet split point, which reduces the drills’ primary chisel for instant cutting, ensuring good positional accuracy and superior hole quality. This is needed to support H8 tolerances and helps with regrinding.

Willem Wittebol

In combination with the special point geometry and CTW flute, a consistent edge preparation protects the cutting edges and prevents premature chipping and flaking. It also provides precise centering and low thrust forces, offering a uniform and consistent cutting edge. This leads to predictable tool wear and less chance of sudden failure.

It’s strong outer corner design increases stability during drilling and reduces the forces encountered when breakthrough of the exit surface occurs, in both general and cross-hole drilling applications.

The Force X drills are made from micrograin grade carbide. This provides an excellent combination of hardness and toughness, suited for high performance drilling in a broad range of materials.

Meanwhile a multi-layer TiAlN coating improves cutting edge stability and gives outstanding wear protection, retaining high hardness at high temperatures. This again prolongs tool life and increases productivity.

For more information about our Force X range visit our website or contact a member of your local Dormer Pramet sales team.

Willem Wittebol

Technical education manager

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