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Why we launched Force X - a new generation of carbide drills

In April 2017 we announced a new generation of solid carbide drills called Force X. These drills offer an upgrade and higher performance level to the MP-X assortment they replace, covering a diameter range of 3-20 mm.

We initially introduced an assortment of multi-purpose solid carbide drills - called MP-X - in 2007.

These drills – for 3xD and 5xD - had a standard design with a 140 degree split point, suited to drilling a broad range of materials. In 2015, this range was expanded with the R459, developed as a high performance option for 8xD deep hole drilling.

Although the R459 belonged to the same family of MP-X drills, it incorporated numerous design elements not featured in the earlier developed drills (R453, R454, R457 and R458).

So to improve our 3xD and 5xD drilling offer we needed to ‘upgrade’ these drills to the same level of performance as the R459. This led us to launch our new Force X family of drills.

Ricky Payling

The latest assortment now offers:

  • A high performance level in a wide variety of work materials, making them the ideal choice for general engineering and sub-contract environments

  • The same level of productivity for 3xD and 5xD drills as the 8xD range of drills

  • A reliable drilling process with consistent forces along the full drilling depth capacity of each drill

  • An option for light duty machining, working with low cutting forces.

Our new Force X family offers an assortment of TiAlN coated drills in both solid and coolant feed variants. They are excellent for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium alloys, offering an ideal option for the majority of drilling applications and major industry segments.

For more information about our Force X range, visit our website or contact a member of your local Dormer Pramet sales team.

Ricky Payling

Product strategy – round tools

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