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Creating our largest ever product catalog

We have just launched the largest Pramet catalog in our company’s history. It is the first edition where we have combined the turning, milling and hole-making assortments into one general publication for 20 different languages.

As you can imagine, producing a 1,032 page catalog is a major task, but throughout this time we have been keeping in mind the need to make it as user friendly as possible.

This was not an easy task, as we made a number of new additions and functions to support choosing the right cutting tool. It means the 2017 indexable catalog is a much more comprehensive publication compared to previous versions.

The objective to make it an “easy to work with publication” has resulted in every chapter starting with an ‘Instructions and Navigators’ sections. We want to provide our customers with all the necessary information on how to orientate around the pages and how to understand the symbols and icons being used.

The ‘Instructions’ section should answer all your questions, making the catalog a self-explanatory publication. The ‘Navigators’ section helps customers through the choice process – allowing them to find the right cutting tool in an easy and fast way, typically according to operations.

A nice example of this is a two-page graphic on pages M14-15. On here we present the relevant work piece material suitable for our entire indexable milling program. This is the first time we have included this in the Pramet catalog, but it is a feature our company has used in other publications in the past.

I mentioned earlier that the catalog is available in 20 different languages. These are the same languages our customers are used to finding in our Dormer round tools catalogs. Also, we have applied the same combination of languages within each of the six versions produced.

This is another example where we now have a more aligned approach across all our product brands, to ensure there is no difference between our products literature regardless of whether it is indexable or round tools.

I hope you enjoy our new Pramet 2017 catalog.

Radek Hudos

Marketing and communication manager

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