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Helpful tips on using our new Calculator app

At the beginning of the year we launched a new machining calculator app for iOS and Android devices.

I had the privilege of developing the application for Dormer Pramet with help from my colleagues within the company’s technical education department.

The app helps the user determine a variety of data on operations such as milling, turning, drilling, threading and boring. We know there are many other apps which are capable of making calculations, but we believe we have made a valuable and useful new tool for the industry.

Jan van Deursen

Our new app distinguishes itself from others by giving you the opportunity to save the data you have inputted. So the next time you launch it, the previous information is kept and already filled in for you.

On default this feature is switched off, but you can easily update this in ‘Settings’, which can be found in the main menu. From here you can choose your language from the 18 different ones available, as well as find out more about Dormer Pramet and other services.

Another great feature is the wide variety of parameters with which you can make inverse calculations. For example: When the user types in the feed per tooth, they get the chip thickness calculation. If they realize the chip thickness is too high, they can change this value and the app will recalculate the feed per tooth. This makes the application more versatile and dynamic so please make the most of it!

Also, the app will offer material based calculations, such as the demanded on power consumption for example.

If you have any questions, feedback or issues in using the application please let me know!

Jan van Deursen

Technical app developer

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