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Keeping pace with website developments

A corporate website is an ever evolving communication tool which requires constant attention, support and development.

As the marketing and communication manager responsible for developing Dormer Pramet’s website, the start of a new year marks a period of assessment on the last 12 months and setting plans in place for the future.

In 2016, we focused our attentions on content creation, putting our efforts in delivering good and optimized pages, not only from a corporate global perspective, but also on a local side. In terms of news, homepage banners and promotional pushes we published more then 200 items, globally and locally.

Dario Furlato

We can assess the impact of this new content from our Google Analytics, where we gained good results in terms of number of visits (+18%) and users (+10%), compared with the previous 12 months. ​​

Also, from a social media perspective we had a substantial increase in the number of referrals (visits to the website coming from social media) by more then 300%. This includes Facebook +260%, LinkedIn +60% and Twitter +856%.

Organic search to our website increased by 16% too, highlighting the work we have done to improve content optimization and adjustments in the website settings.

We are looking into further website improvements for 2017, particularly the product section, to allow customers to find the tools they need easier and quicker. This includes a revised structure and adding a new product search functionality.

The need to regularly develop new content and functionality updates, as well as assessing past performance, all aims to improve the usability and search engine optimization. This constant strive to improve will allow us to provide a website which people visit and interact with time and time again.

Dario Furlato

Marketing and Communication Manager

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