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Machining sugar cane cutting blades

Sugar cane field

Hello! For those who do not know me, my name is Renato Brandão and I am responsible for the sales of ​​Dormer Pramet products in Brazil. Before anything, I feel honored to be one of the first contributors to our new blog. This new tool provides an opportunity to exchange ideas, as well as highlight successes and experiences, which I am sure will be very interesting to you.

Everyone knows that Brazil is not going through a good period in terms of the economy or in the political environment. Several uncertainties have caused an industrial drop which hampers and reduces development in various segments.

Renato Brandão

Since we cannot wait for the country to improve as a whole, we have searched segments that are less affected by the current crisis and try to develop our products and solutions into these areas. One of these segments is agriculture. Brazil is a continental country (8,515,767.049km2) and the agricultural potential is very large. In recent years the main focus has been the production of ethanol and sugar. The cutting of sugar cane has grown a lot and to support this growth we are working with the key manufacturers of cutting blades used within agricultural machinery.

Sugar cane cutting blades are a challenge to machine as they are made from steel class 9260 with hardness of 28HRC and steel class 9260 with hardness greater than 54HRC. Our Pramet inserts HNGX09 and HNMF09 have been an excellent choice for milling of the cutting blades, offering better performance and cost-effectiveness than competitors.

Working within the same cutting parameters as competing brands (a situation required by the end user), we offer a 41% higher productivity than our competitors.

Today our HNGX and HNMF ranges are working with the main blade manufacturers in Brazil and we are looking to expand this application to others in the same segment.

Our HNGX family has proven to be a winning product in this application. In addition, it has served as a gateway to many other supplementary services we can provide to these users, offering even greater support to meet their needs.

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